Thursday, March 8, 2012

30 Day Bead Challenge - Day 8

"Have a date with a bead friend."

I am so thrilled.  Today, I got a 2 for 1!!   I invited my good friend, cousin and neighbor, J'lene, and her kids over for dinner.  She helped me out immensely when I first got "the supply order from he--" in the other day, it took us THREE HOURS to go through the packing slips!   LOL Anyway, she makes beaded jewelry from time to time, and she and I have a love of the medium in common.

Then I got a very welcome and happy surprise.  My mom called and said that she and my little brother were coming over.  My mom is a very talented beader.  So I was thrilled to learn that not only was I going to have a "date" with one good beading buddy, but TWO!! :)

We had a wonderful dinner, a lot of laughs all around, then spent a while going through all the cool new beads and findings that I'd gotten in the supply order.  My mom hadn't seen any of it, and J'lene hadn't seen any of it out of the plastic baggies.  LOL

So, even though we didn't get any jewelry made, we had a blast, and I have an order now for my cousin Ivy, J'lene's daughter.  She wants a bracelet, so that's one of my projects for tomorrow!

Loved today's challenge!!! :)

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