Wednesday, March 14, 2012

30 Day Bead Challenge - Day 14

"Take apart unwanted jewelry and reuse the beads"

Today's challenge gave me the inspiration to create something I actually like from a piece that I hated.

I got this necklace for Christmas (No it wasn't a gift.  I picked it out, and when I got home I thought "YUCK!" once I put it on.)  The necklace was beautiful gun metal with metallic pearls and beads.   I hated it though.  I hated the way it hung on my neck, so its home became a jumbled pile on my beading desk.

So today, I disassembled the chaos and created something new and fun.  Whimsical.  Even got a pair of earrings out of the mix as well.

I call it "Beauty from Chaos"

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