Thursday, March 1, 2012

30 Day Bead Challenge - Day 1

After feeling like the bottom of a shoe for the last few days, I finally got upstairs and got back to work putting the insane amounts of beads I just received away.

But I did take a little time to look at Facebook, and when I did, I saw that is doing a "30 Day Bead Challenge" this month because March is National Craft Month.   I thought that this was an incredible idea, and I am really excited to participate!!

Today's challenge is:  Make a Pair of Earrings!  

I went through my magnesite and found these gorgeous 10mm beads and found four 4 mm howlite beads that matched them almost perfectly.  Then I threaded them with beadcaps and these incredible looking "daisy" findings.  I think they turned out very unique and interesting!!

Thank you to the folks at Fusionbeads for this challenge, I love the concept!!

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