Saturday, May 10, 2014

The 8th Bead Soup Blog Party REVEAL Is Here!!!

First off, I would love to thank Lori Anderson for all of her hard work on the party, and for everything she's done for ALL of us.  She is simply amazing!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lori!!!

And now, on with the show!!

I was paired with the nicest beader!  Her name is Carol Wilson, and her blog is!   She is a very talented jewelry artist from the Sunshine State (Florida!).  I was so excited to see what she sent me, so when the package arrived, I tore into it before I even got back to the house from the mailbox!

Just a little reminder, here is what she sent me!

Just look at all the pretty purples, blues, pinks and black!   And in GOLD!!  I almost never use gold in my jewelry designs, so Carol really challenged me!  I was thrilled to see a metal in there that seemed to say "let's see what you can do with this!"  The pendant focal just stole my breath, and the hand-made clasp is so fun!  I have to admit that I had a serious case of envy for that clasp, because I couldn't make a clasp myself if my life depended on it!  HA HA HA!  

So, I've been mulling about with a couple of ideas of what to create with this bead soup.  Each one was studied on, and eventually discarded.  I mulled and thought, thought and mulled, studied and studied, I FINALLY came up with a design.  I wanted to do something that showcased each individual element of the soup that Carol sent me, and I think maybe, just maybe, I succeeded in that.

I created a hand-made chain for the focal using some gold wire.  The best part of all of this?  My mom was here visiting with me, so while I was creating, I got to spend some quality time with her.  She is a fellow jewelry artist, so there is some of her influence in this piece as well.  I wire wrapped the chain using the plethora of gorgeous beads from Carol's soup and added just a couple of others that I thought would bring out some of the stunning color in the focal.  The clasp just looked perfect with the chain as well.   Once I was done with all those wire wrapped components, I created a small coordinating bracelet and pair of earrings with hand-made earwires.  ( I CAN make earwires, just not clasps!)

I utilized the gorgeous glass, pearl and stone beads for each link in the chain. 

I think that the design sets off the gorgeous focal and the beautiful clasp well.

This photo simply does NOT do this pendant focal justice.  The colors are so vibrant and imaginative.  I could stare at it for hours!

Here is the fun earrings and bracelet that I created as well.  They are very simple, but I find sometimes that beauty can be found in the most simple of creations.

Here is another look at the entire ensemble.

Again, I want to thank my amazing partner, Carol Wilson, for such an amazing bead soup.  I hope that she has had as much fun with this as I have!!   I can't wait to see what she created with what I sent her!   

Here is the link to the participants list for the 8th Annual Bead Soup Blog Party!  Please go visit everyone's pages and see what gorgeous things we created this year!!  There were over 500 participants this year, so the list is here on the link below.  VISIT VISIT VISIT!  You won't regret it!! :)

Thank you so much for your visit, and I hope that you enjoy the Party!!

God bless!!