Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another day another bead

Yesterday was insane!  Woke up to find that my mom had locked her keys in her car, so I scooped Matthew (my 4 year old son) up and we went to her house to get her spare keys to take them to her at work.  After having a great lunch with her, we came back home, and as badly as I was dreading it at first, once I got upstairs, the creations started rolling.  I finally got to work on the feather earrings that have been haunting my sleep for the last week.  I think they turned out pretty good.

My first craft fair is coming up this weekend, and I am nervous!  Bad nervous!

I hope everyone likes my jewelry.  Have always had a problem with feeling just a tad bit inadequate when it comes to my creativity, but now I think I'm starting to hit my stride.

God bless you all today and every day!

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